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I needed some guidance related to spirituality, so I reached out to Kathy. I was lost, I did not know how to move forward in life. Kathy understood me well, my personal and financial situation, provided the support, advice, and clarity to move forward. I got insights into my own behavior after talking to her. She helped me in exploring myself. She is empathic and challenges you to find out your own answers. I would definitely recommend her.  (Neha S.)

Getting life coaching from Kathy was highly beneficial for me. She is absolutely brilliant at her chosen profession. I learned more from her about myself in a short amount of time than I had at any other self improvement opportunity I had pursued. She always told me that I was the one who made the discovery, found the words inside myself. But it was the questions she asked that lead me there. There were many “aha” moments that were really incredible. She lead me to breakthroughs that give me chills thinking about them months later. My time with Kathy was extremely valuable and I will always be grateful for her help. (Peggy A.)

Working with Kathy has been a wonderful and enlightening journey. She provides a safe and welcoming atmosphere, asks thought-provoking questions, and attentively listens to what I’m saying. As a result, I’ve been able to uncover blindspots in my thinking, heal old wounds, and create tools to overcome obstacles standing in the way of my goals. One tool we created together in particular has boosted my confidence ten-fold. Each session with Kathy is insightful, and I’m so glad I reached out and started working with her. Hands down one of the best decisions I’ve made - (Kevin S.)

If anyone is looking for a great coach, I highly recommend Kathy Walden.  I personally feel I am the most difficult person to coach, and love to talk.  She is so patient, let me talk, and asks the most thought-provoking questions.  She stayed right there with me, as I rambled on, during my session.  She found the right questions, and waited on me to come to the answers and conclusion myself.  Things I hadn’t considered or even realized. 


The weight was instantly lifted off my shoulders, once I came to the realization and verbalized what needed to happen.  Kathy was amazing as she stayed right there with me.  As a coach myself, I just had a moment that others have experienced with me, however I had not experienced this myself.  This felt so empowering.  As coaches, we need coaches and this just showed me why it is important. 


I want to take this opportunity to thank Kathy from the bottom of my heart.  These moments are so life changing for everyone. (Yvonne T.)

Kathy is such an insightful coach who really knows how to motivate her clients and help them unpack whatever may be getting in the way so that they can progress and ultimately succeed. I felt really comfortable in our session. She has such an amazing energy that I didn't hesitate to share my vulnerability. In my session with her, she really helped me recognize that some of my old limiting beliefs were resurfacing and she reconnected me with "trusting the process" in different aspects of my life. Kathy is a great coach with a gifted ability to capture what I was conveying to her and she gave me a bird's eye view that really helped me uncover my blindspots. I loved that together we created steps I could take so that I was "trusting the process", but still taking inspired action to go in the direction I needed to go. Thank you so much Kathy! I feel blessed to know you and to be coached by you. (Nisha S.)

Kathy has a true gift and knows how to ask just the right questions to uncover the answers within. Coaching with Kathy has proven more helpful than years of expensive and time-consuming counseling. She's heart-focused and stays present to discovering the true answers within during each session. (Ginny K)

I adored working with Kathy. She was so authentic and genuine in her approach to dealing with my crazy ambitions! Not only was she able to help me discover my setbacks she helped me to face them, challenge them, and progress through them inevitably allowing me to move forward proactively. I am grateful to you Kathy, your experience and skills have empowered my life and my purpose! (Sharon H.)

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